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About Us

Twenty20 as they say is the opium of the masses in the game of cricket. As a T20 match is known to bring crowds to the ground for its fast paced game and chasing Big scores at a minimum overs. Similarly our T20 Taxi Services is designed as to seek and provide the fastest taxi service with a minimum rate of fare. T20 Taxi is a service provider from Coimbatore offering complete service whose mission is to provide reliable, timely, safe, affordable rides throughout Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. At T20 Taxi our services are inspired from the thought process of defining us as "Idhu Nammaa Ooru Taxi"

At T20 Taxi we provide complete services using the latest equipment and technology to facilitate the travel of individuals in and around Tamilnadu, Pondicherry.






The company's products and services show that we are an innovative, forward thinking company that recognizes the need to move with ever-changing customer needs.
At T20 Taxi, our philosophy is one that emphasizes service, and a realization that effective communication is a key component to our business.
We also realize that, in a competitive environment, flexibility and professionalism maintains the leading edge.
Cab booking is now a hassle free experience with the choice of selecting the lowest fare taxi through our app.
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  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Cleanness
  • Reliability

Day Tariff

Area Small Cars Sedan Cars MUV Cars
Minimum Charges Per 3 km Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.80/- Rs.90/- Rs.120/-
Other Districts Rs.60/- Rs.70/- Rs.100/-
Extra Fare Per Km Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.12/- Rs.15/- Rs.18/-
Other Districts Rs.12/- Rs.15/- Rs.18/-
Waiting Charge Per Minute Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.1/- Rs.1.25/- Rs.1.50/-
Other Districts Rs.1/- Rs.1.25/- Rs.1.50/-

Night Tariff

Area Small Cars Sedan Cars MUV Cars
Minimum Charges Per 3 km Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.100/- Rs.110/- Rs.140/-
Other Districts Rs.80/- Rs.90/- Rs.120/-
Extra Fare Per Km Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.15/- Rs.18/- Rs.21/-
Other Districts Rs.15/- Rs.18/- Rs.21/-
Waiting Charge Per Minute Chennai & Pondicherry Rs.1.25/- Rs.1.50/- Rs.1.75/-
Other Districts Rs.1.25/- Rs.1.50/- Rs.1.75/-
  • Small Cars
  • Sedan Cars
  • MUV Cars

Comparison Chart - Small Cars
Reputed Taxi Operators (Vs) T20 Taxi

Charges X-Taxi Y-Taxi T20 Taxi
Minimum Charge 37.1 40 60
Free Minimum Km 0 0 3km
Extra Charge/Km 7.42 12 12
Running Charge/Min 1.38 1 0
Waiting Charge/Min 0 0 1
Discount 0 0 10%
Travel for 5 km (15 mins) 95 115 76
Travel for 10 km (30 mins) 153 190 130

T20 Taxi Fare is 20% to 30% lower than the reputed taxi operators X & Y.

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One of a kind taxi services. Looking forward for a hassle free rides and also convenient to book just a tap away. Best of luck team.

Yuva raj 21 March 2017

I find some good response from the drivers and taxi rates are affordable... Great service all the best....

Thiru STR 22 March 2017

Congrats T20 It's a wonderful app and very user friendly. You can select the cab u want based on the rates. Good going .

Sapna Ramasubramanian 20 March 2017