People used to travel from one spot to the other. It may be for a trip, towards their home town or certain specific reasons. Travelling for business or leisure with your colleagues or family T20 is your best choice. We understand the differences and needs of a business traveller or a family travel. During the time of travelling they need a spot to eat, a place for relaxation and need of a place for emergency. Plan your trip with following information from Coimbatore to Palakkad in this page.


The total distance covered from Coimbatore to Palakkad is 53 kms through roadways. The roadways are directly through NH and the road system is simply mind blowing, where there are no traffics and blocks in roads just to make our travel comfortable its well maintained by the government. It is also one of the fastest travelling through highways which is an added advantage so that we can reach our destination within an estimated time. The feel of climate as well as the smell of Kerala begins from Coimbatore, where it is well known that Kerala is said to be gods own country and it owe to be. After entering into the arch part of Palakkad both the road sides are covered with trees and those trees make the travel to enjoy where its fully been surrounded with greenish view of nature, and it is one of the energies for the drivers to certain distance. The taxi fare from Coimbatore to Palakkad of each single travel is of 1200. It also differs according to the vehicle which is been chosen.


People have different taste to eat for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. People prefer for veg and non veg there are both veg and nonveg hostels for the travellers.

Within 10 Kms:


Within 20 kms:


Within 30 kms:

The people who prefer veg can hold with the hotels like Anna Lakshmi grand, Kapilavasthu, Aaryaas etc. these hotels are also said to be pure vegetarians. Pure vegetarians can be comfortable with these hotels.

Some people expect to have heavy meals in the afternoon they love in eating and enjoying food in non-vegetarians like chickens, muttons and fishes. There are several hotels available on the way from Coimbatore to Palakkad. Hotels like Nalanda, Ashok bhavan etc. there are also some special kinds of hotels for biriyani lovers like Noorjehan, velu biriyani etc. some people may be familiar with Kerala rice as well as with fish variety for such people they can prefer the food from Malabar hotel.

Still there are people who used to travel monthly and routine to the path of Coimbatore to Palakkad, they holds the habit of eating at the same hotel and as a regular customers. Compared to hotels there are several motels opened everywhere. Some people for trips, they used to travel as a group or gang, they also love to eat at Punjabi dhaba. There are several spots available on the roadside which is comfortable for the travellers.

Taxi From Coimbatore Airport to Palakkad:


However through above circumstances it’s been clear that choosing the travelling mode through taxi will definitely comfort you and also the fare will make you worth a while to spend the journey lovingly with the way you love to travel and expect how your journey needs to be with all your comfort zone.