• "Taxi (s)": User musts that register as taxi drivers on the Website and that is accepted by T20 TAXI to participate in the project
  • "Passenger (s)" means any User who signs up and registers as passengers on the app and website
  • "Services" means the passenger transport services through taxi provided by the Taxi drivers to the Passengers.
  • "User": Taxi Drivers and Passengers.


  • The Company provides technology based services for booking taxis on basis to you and you agree to obtain taxi services offered by third party taxi providers, drivers or vehicle operators ("the Service Provider"). All the Services provided by the Company to you by means of your use of the booking platform are hereinafter referred to as the "Service."
  • The T20 TAXI agrees that by registering he will be scrutinized to be accepted by T20 TAXI who may refuse or cancel his user account at any time, whether by complaints or by internal policy.
  • T20 TAXI does not provide transportation services by taxi, serving only as an intermediary in order to optimize the scheduling service for the taxi. Thus, by accepting the provision of services by the TAXI DRIVER, he PASSENGER acknowledges that the T20 TAXI has no direct association with the TAXI DRIVER; it just facilitates contact between driver and passenger. -From availability and inconsistency in the system:
  • T20 TAXI does not guarantee that the system will be available without any interruption and that it will always be error-free, and therefore, shall not be liable for damages caused to users.


  • It is a choice for the PASSENGER to evaluate the TAXI DRIVERS who transported them, assigning scores or commenting their service.


  • Use of the service does not transmit any intellectual property rights between T20 Taxi’s and its users. Users agree not to steal and/or publish, without T20 Taxi’s explict consent, any material, screens or artwork presented by the application during the use of the service.


  • Users accept that T20 Taxi acts solely as a scheduling/matching service between its users and taxi drivers, and that it is not responsible for any issues that arise during the taxi ride, such as accidents, delays, or car discomfort.


  • Only registered users may use TAXI POCKET to call for taxis. By registering to use the service, you agree to: Provide truthful and up to date information during the registration process, and shall only use the service in good faith, without breaking any laws in the country where the taxi is requested.
  • The details user enters during the registration phase will be captured automatically. Never abuse the service by requesting a taxi without the intention of using it. If a problem arises during the use of the service, users shall, in good faith, attempt to solve the problem with the help of the TAXI DRIVER and TAXI POCKET’s customer service.
  • Never use the service in a way that causes damage to TAXI POCKET or one of its partners.


  • T20 Taxi reserves the right to block any user on its platform should it suspect said user is attempting to abuse the platform or mislead taxi drivers, T20 TAXI employees, partners or other users through the platform.


  • System may automatically end providing it service if the rent subscription payment has not received by the company. T20 Taxi also offers you the possibility of paying your taxi fare electronically via the T20 Taxi-App installed on your Smartphone.