People used to travel from one spot to the other. It may be for a trip, towards their home town or certain specific reasons. Travelling for business or leisure with your colleagues or with the family members, T20 is your best choice. We understand the differences and needs of a business traveller or a family travel.
During the time of travelling they need a spot to eat, a place for relaxation and need of a place for emergency. Plan your trip with following information from Coimbatore to Valparai in this page. People can enjoy the trip with T20 taxi along with their own team.


 Total distance covered from Coimbatore to Valparai is 115 kms through roadways. The roadways are directly one way of high ways and the road system is simply mind blowing, where there are no traffics and blocks in roads just to make our travel quite comfortable through well maintained roadways by the government.
It is also one of the fastest travelling through highways which is an added advantage so that we can reach our destination within an estimated time. After entering into the arch part of Valparai both the road sides are covered with trees and those scenaric views will make the people to travel along with the surrounded Nature, which will be a tonic for the drivers to certain distance to make them feel relaxed and fresh. For many travellers, this point of destination has become a round trip. People love to travel again and again within the lesser packages and people start to contact us and make their booking. Cost also differs according to the vehicle which they choose to.

People have different taste to eat for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. People prefer for veg and non –veg where there are both veg and non-veg hotels for the travellers.

Within 40 Kms:
Within 40kms there comes a destination called Avinashi where you can hangout for food with some best places for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Here for vegetarian you can prefer for Hotels like Hello Tamizha, Sree Annapoorna where for non-vegetarian you can obviously go with the delicious Avinashi Bai Hotel, Bamboo hotel etc., You can also have a pleasant stay if you prefer to take rest and hold on for a while with hotels in all ranges like Mr & Mrs inn. You also have a place for refreshments like Grand bakery, Sree Murugan bakery etc., where you can refresh yourself with a cup of tea, coffee or with some cold drinks.

Within 80 kms:
Here within 80kms you can reach a destination place called Pollachi where you can choose hotels like Ariyabhavan, Sri Annavaasal etc., which goes good for pure vegetarians and here comes a treat for non-vegetarians with a hotels like Ruchibe Restaurant, Punjabi Dhaba. You can also leasure with the hotel the sun club a place to have relaxation with. Santhosh tea stall will definitely be a good haunt to have some refreshments
Still there are people who used to travel monthly and routine to the path of Coimbatore to Valparai, they holds the habit of preferring hotels on a regular basis. Compared to hotels there are even several motels too which is widely opened everywhere followed by some dhabas too.
Only the certain spots are included in the one day trip, it is up to the people to choose the spot. Sometimes additional charges are included for the extra spots to be seen.

  • Aliyar Dam-40 kms
  • Sholayar Dam-20kms
  • Chinnakallar Falls-15kms
  • Monkey Falls-37.8kms
  • Loam’s View Point-31kms
  • Nallamudi Poonjolai-15kms
  • Grass Hills-15.8 kms
  • Balaji Temple-10kms
  • Karamalai Annai Velankanni Church-10 kms
  • Koolangal River-2.7kms
  • Nirar Dam-9.4 kms
  • Nallamudi view point-14.6 kms



We T-20 also provide a taxi service right from the airport to your point of destination without letting you face any discomfort zone just through a single call where we will be right there in front of you very soon once we get your appointment. We provide taxi from Coimbatore airport to Valparai. People from other countries come to India to visit some tourist spot and pilgrim centres. Valparai also catches the leading spots among the travellers and touristers. Cost is affordable according to the spots where people are interested to visit. Customers who prefer T20 taxi feels comfortable with the chauffer. Chauffer understands the needs and helps the customers according to them. Customers can book us through the online and they can also transfer the cash through online. They can also contact us through the number given in the website and ask their queries.
We also give importance to the customer’s health and fitness during the travel.  During the time of booking, the customers must fill the medical information form. Some people with existing medical conditions can able to travel without any difficulty. By gaining the details of the customers, chauffer can maintain the speed level and can be able to provide the basic necessities

  • We make the driver to share the trip within us. It is easiest and quickest way to know whereabouts in case something happen during your ride. We will always be able to follow along via GPS.
  • Give feedback and it is often overlooked of rideshare safety and it is an important step to take once the ride is complete. Post-trip make sure to rate your driver and leave helpful feedback so customers can help us to keep good drivers on the road and bad ones off.
  • There is no harm in exchanging pleasantries with your driver, but avoid giving him or her any personal information, like how long you are travelling for, where you live or the contact number because the required information is already given to the driver.
  • There are some reported cases of scammers posing as rideshare drivers, so always confirm the license plate and the name of your driver before getting in. Both of these pieces of information are clearly presented in the website and if you are getting picked up in a popular area, like an airport, this will also avoid accidentally taking someone else’s ride.
  • Wear seat belt
  • Sit in the back seat
  • Check your driver’s rating

Know your surroundings; track the route on the map.