Thekkady Tour Package


Thekkady Tour Package



Thekkady Tour Package

Thekkady is a place that recreates the images of elephants, perennial chain of exquisite hills and beautiful plantations. Thekkady is best known for its Periyar National Park and it is the most important tourist attractions in the Kerala State of India. It is also the world’s most fascinating wildlife reserves. The sanctuary is almost 800 sq. km big of which 360 is thick forest. The century is known for 30 to 50 tough to see, tigers and elephants, having almost 1000 of them. It is also a Tiger Reserve since 1978. This sanctuary encompasses an artificially created lake in 1895. thekkady tour package, thekkady trip

Other than that the place harbors sambas, Nilgiri langurs, macaques, gaur and tigers in its dense evergreen deciduous forests in the savanna grassland. Natural spices can be seen growing wildly in the area which include black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, nutmace and clove.

If you visit the place you will be spell bounded by the enchanting plantations and alluring hill towns that are spread across the whole of the place. The hills provide a perfect place for trekkers giving them thrilling mountain walks. This place provides a unique experience to the tourist who visit the Thekkady tour package thekkady trip

Thekkady has a lake on which one can go for a ride. This lake ride provides the unique experience of watching the wildlife from a close proximity. Wild herds of elephants, deer and bison can be seen coming down the river to quench their thirst offering great views to the visitors visiting the sanctuary.

It is a shot of euphoria for any nature lover because of the unblemished and unspoiled tropical forest and its affluent wealth of plant and animal life. It’s a paradise for the photographers looking to capture the natural beauty of nature and a picture perfect landscape. The place is also known for its cash crop plantations of cardamom, tea, pepper and coffee. You can enjoy these plantation gardens when you planned for the Thekkady tour package. The place is also well known for its tribal settlements. To experience wildlife up close in person, elephant rides are easily available throughout the area. These majestic rides are sure to make you feel like the king of the jungle in thekkady tour package, thekkady trip.

The climate of this famous place is very flexible and depends on the altitude. If you visit then it is advisable to take with yourself warm clothing. The precipitation varies between 2k to 3k mm. If you are planning for a trip to Thekkady then the best timings to visit the place are between the months of October to June.

Boating in Periyar Lake

Boating in the lake is the best way to experience the view of wild animals. Tickets are easily available only when you visit the place out of season. In season time it can be a huge task to stand in a long line because the crowd is huge at this time. If you are out of luck chances are that you may not be able to get the tickets.  thekkady tour package, thekkady trip

The boat ride is almost two hours long in this artificial lake. The boat carries 15 to 150 persons. The boats are very safe, equipped with all the safety standards. It is better to visit the place during summers because then it is more probable to see the wildlife as they frequently come to the lake at this time of the year. The lake harbors its own unique ecosystem. Birds like kingfisher, darter, and egrets can be seen easily. Dead trees can also be seen sticking out of the lake. It is bliss to see this harmonious coexistence of aquatic and ground life existing side by side through Thekkady Tour Package.


Thekkady tour package : Elephant Ride

The ride is one hour forty five minutes in length. This almost 2 hour journey includes the feeding and bathing of the elephant. The ride takes you on a trek through the vast area of plain bushy land of the sanctuary. You can choose where to go. The best option is to visit spice plantations which are also the part of the usual riding route. The fragrance of these spicy grasslands, made available because of the light breeze that blows in the area, is enough to rejuvenate the mind and the body through Thekkady Trip.

On an elephant you can access the areas which are not available through the walking track. One more advantage that an elephant offers is pushing through the areas not made available on a jeep or a car. The elephant carries only three persons, including the mahout. It also has provisions for a “howdah” which can accommodate two persons with an umbrella. Thekkady is the place to visit with friends and also with family. Thekkady Tour Package is filled with adventures and excitement. thekkady tour package, thekkady trip