Masinagudi Tour Package


Masinagudi Tour Package


The area of Masinagudi in Tamilnadu is settled on the northwest side of the Nilgiri Mountains (also known as Blue Mountains). Masinagudi tour packages, Trekking in masinagudi, Masinagudi sight seeings is the best in nilgris to enjoy your holiday trip.The region of Masinagudi touches its border with two neighboring states, Kerala and Karnataka. The name of this flourishing green destination is adopted from the name of the Indian goddess Masaniamma. This masinagudi tour package astonishing place is a perfect destination for memorable holidays. Adventurous and nature loving people pin this place on their priority list. masinagudi tour packages, masinagudi trekking, masinagudi sight seeings

Masinagudi is one of the most serene places you can visit in India. If you’re planning a trip to this place, we suggest you include following locations in the journey:masinagudi tour packages, masinagudi trekking, masinagudi sight seeings

 Bandipur – National Park & Tiger Reserve

Bandipur national park is known for its splendid forests and adorable scenic beauty. This place is home for more than 80 tigers since 1974 after its establishment as a tiger reserve. The area of park is expanded in 874 sq. Km and provides shelter to many vulnerable and endangered species like gaurs, tigers, muggers, four-horned pythons and sloth bears etc. This park holds a special place in the India’s efforts towards promoting ecosystem. Along with its natural beauty the place is also well managed by administration. Bandipur is the major tourist destination and every year it comes across lots of tourist traffic. If you are planning to explore nature, this place can be your desired location. A visit to Bandipur National park will definitely leave you with lots of unforgettable memories and new experience.masinagudi tour packages,  masinagudi trekking, masinagudi sight seeings

Biligirirangan Hills

Biligirirangan Hills are nestled at the easternmost rim of the Western Ghats. These hills are the back of various ranges of flora and fauna. In 2011, the site was declared as the tiger reserve by the India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority. These hills are the great supporter of eco-system confluence by both Eastern and Western Ghats. This place has sylvan surroundings where you can find a relaxed stay and enjoy the variety of magnificent wildlife with incredible beauty of nature. Large number of devotees also visits this place due to presence of almost 200 year old Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple on the top of hill. The Biligirirangan Hills are the unique combination of a hill station and wildlife sanctuary and these are perfect getaways to experience the wilderness. Visitors can visit this place throughout the year but to experience the greatness of this place visitors can visit between the months of June and November.masinagudi tour packages, masinagudi trekking, masinagudi sight seeings

Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple

The Biligiri Ranga Hills, widely known as B R Hills are the place for nature and peace lovers. Along with these enthusiasts, these holy hills come across lots of devotees who came to worship their lords. The place is famous for the temple of holy Biligiri Rangaswamy, Lord Ranganatha or Lord Venkatesha. The temple is located on the top of the highest peak of the hill range. It is fully carved with granite and view from the temple is amazing and memorable. These gods reside in this historic temple since decades. For majority of the year, surroundings of the temple are covered in fog. A visitor can visit this place in any month of the year but September to May is the best time to visit the temple. During these months surroundings of the temple are in a bloom and weather is awesome.masinagudi tour packages, masinagudi trekking, masinagudi sight seeings

BRT Wildlife Sanctuary

A trip to BRT Tiger Reserve is once in a lifetime experience in which you can enjoy to your crest level. The location of this pleasant wildlife sanctuary is between Eastern and Western Ghats. Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Tiger Reserve is situated at the in the south eastern Karnataka and it touches the border of Tamilnadu. The name of the sanctuary is adopted from the famous Rangaswamy temple. This place is gifted with a magnificent ecosystem and whole area is full of varieties of flora, fauna and different animal species. This sanctuary is unique combination of the grassland, ridges and hills. Tiger reserve is open through the year but best time to visit is from May to October.  The main reasons to visit in these months are:

As the sun got warm, animals are coming out of their homes and can be easily spotted by visitors.

During these months varieties of species can be spotted in the sanctuary, due to large number of migratory birds are moved from their place to the area o reserve.masinagudi tour packages, masinagudi trekking , masinagudi sight seeings

Hault at Ooty.

While visiting above destinations you can also take your stay at renowned hill station Ooty that is just 41 km from Masinagudi. Masinagudi tour package will also help to visit Ooty, Ooty is very beautiful and attractive hill station and you often heard in few bollywood hits. The amazingly beautiful hill station of Ooty is gifted with nature’s generosity. It has lush green valleys, with dense flora and fauna.  The enchanting and charming hill resorts catch the attention of tourists all over the nation.