Maruthamalai Temple


Maruthamalai Temple


Maruthamalai temple is popular from 12th century; it is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is also considered as the seventh house of lord Murugan. The complete name of this temple is “Maruthamalai Arulmigu Subramanya Swami Temple. This temple is 12 kms away from the city of Coimbatore. We provide taxies from Coimbatore to the temple. This temple is special because it is faced east on the hill when compared to other Murugan temples on the hills. The exact distance from Coimbatore to the temple is 14.1 kms and it carries of 32 mins to reach the point of destination. The route takes over the way of Anaikatti road. Cost is modest according to the trip.


FAMOUS FOR: It for the purpose of tourism as well religious purpose. People from different part of the world hear the wonders of the temple and visits the temple, even though the distance is more. People do rituals for some dosam and also rituals to the elders who died in the family. Stone inscriptions dating back to the 12thcentury containing words such as Marudhan and Marudhachalam, which reveals that the names were in vogue even then. This temple abounds in medicinal herbs and the pure air and serene atmosphere should make it a haven for the health-conscious.


The hill is dotted with small mandapams for the devotees to relax on their way to uphill. At the foothills, where the steps to the temple begin, is the Thaan Thondri Vinayakar Temple. The 18th step above the vinayakar temple is another significant spot because those who are unable to make it to Sabarimalai find praying at this place equally gratifying.     

DEITY: It draws the attention on the way is Idumban, who is seen on a huge circular rock at the temple of Idumban. The three huge stones that stand out for the color that is different from the rest and the mandapams of Kudhirai Kulambu are the other noticeable places on the route. High above these are the Paambaatti Siddhar Cave, Uchchi Pillaiyar Temple and Pancha Vriksham that convey a lot about the hoariness of Maruthamalai.

ENTRY CHARGES:There is no entry fee. People can stand in queue for normal darshan. However, for special darshan one needs to get tickets of 50 INR.

VISITATION:It takes nearly 1 hour or complete visiting. However, being a spot for devotees, you never know the queue maybe longer. So, it is better to keep some time 9in storage. It is obvious fact because it has a thrilling view of the Coimbatore city from the shrine and then an apt place for a beautiful sunrise view. The Murugar temple and the snake siddha temple which is little lower to main temple can also be explored


TRAVELLER TIPS:Try to visit during the early hours to avoid long queue and better darshan. Although there is the free darshan facility, try to go for the paid one, it would save your time as we as it lets you reach closer to the deity. Since the main shrine is above the hillock, it’s better to go up by paying a toll, with taxies.  If people are enthusiastic about climbing 700 steps people are invited.

AMAZED FACTS:This temple portrays the Dravidian architecture. It is said that Sri Pambatti Siddhar attained “Ashtamasiddhi” or the eight supernatural powers after performing penance for a very long time in a cave on Maruthamalai.


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EATING POINT: There are some restaurants available near the temple. But, only few hotels are for non- vegetarian lover. There are many vegetarian hotels for the people convenient.

  • Sri Anandhaas
  • Nammalvar organic restaurant
  • Richies dine
  • Parampariyam Unavagam
  • Hotel Arusuvai
  • Kowloon

SPECIAL CARE: Apart from the religious activities, serving society is part of the agenda. The temple manages a home for destitute, where now 45 children benefited. Besides food, clothing and shelter, the temple takes care of their education till high school level. At the foot of the hill, a siddha hospital treats the poor and distributes medicines worth Rs.30, 000 free, annually. In vadavalli, the temple management also runs a school, which had initially been functioning under a thatched roof. It has now shifted to a permanent structure and has grown into a high school.

CONTRIBUTION: Yesteryear filmmaker M.M.A Chinnappa Thevar made an immense contribution to the proper maintenance of the temple, clearing the hilly route for the devotees to climb up easily, building resting houses, providing lighted on the path to the temple and so on. Water has been provided at the hill at a cost of more than Rs.6 lakhs.